Easy Access to FHIR API Data with Vanya Client


Latest Release 20th May, 2022.

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Are you storing your healthcare data behind a FHIR API on Azure, AWS, GCP or a private server?

Are you finding it difficult and time consuming to run API calls to query that data? Is it slowing down your app development?

Vanya Client is a new cross-platform desktop app for accessing FHIR APIs and the data behind them. No more API calls in Postman. No more time spent parsing FHIR documentation looking for the right query parameters to get the data you need.

Simply click a Resource link in Vanya Client and see that data straight away. Simple and straightforward. A tool for FHIR developers, FHIR data analysts and stakeholders.

Vanya Client Roadmap


Connect to FHIR APIs and retrieve data
A bear bones, feature light proof of concept. Using cross-platform desktop technologies, create an app to connect to a publicly accessible FHIR API and retrieve data for the top 20 most used FHIR Resource objects. Display this data in a simple grid ordered by Last Updated Date, showing the most common data elements. Allow for drill-down navigation into connected Resources from each row in the grid. Ex: Encounter => Condition => Patient, etc.

~ April, 2022. Completed April 1st.

Handle all 140+ FHIR Resource types
Expand on previous work to handle data retrieval for all FHIR Resource types. Expand the drill down record navigation to allow all resources to be clicked on when found and opened.

~ May, 2022. 50 Resources added, May 20th.

Display all data associated with a selected Resource
By this point, we will be retrieving data for all Resource types, but displaying only the common elements in each record. Create a new section in the app that populates whenever a record is selected in the grid and display ALL data in the record for easy viewing, including any custom extensions. Make all Resources linked in that record clickable for easy drill-down navigation.

~ April, 2022. Completed April 26th.

Authentication — API Keys and Bearer Tokens
While common FHIR test servers are often publicly accessible, this is not the case for privately held Production and Test instances in use around the world. In these cases, authentication using a variety of methods is used to allow access to a FHIR API. This may take the form of a simple API Key attached to each API call, or a more complex initial API call to get a bearer token. Build easy setup functionality into the app so that the user can configure authentication for accessing their FHIR APIs.

~ May, 2022. Bearer Token connection to Azure completed April 8th.

Cross-Platform Builds for Mac and Linux
The code base and tools used to build the app are already cross-platform. Build, test, release and support builds for all desktop devices.

~ May, 2022

Handle full API Query Strings
While retrieving data sorted by last update date is useful, it’s not sufficient for deep and productive use of the app. For this, proper querying is required so that records can be retrieved by ID, name, or other parameters. Build into the app the ability to construct queries using existing FHIR API query strings, and store these custom queries for easy re-use.

~ May/June, 2022

Introduce SQL type syntax and editor for querying API
The initial spark for building Vanya Client was a desire to query FHIR APIs using SQL syntax. Instead of having to learn the full FHIR specification, why could we not use existing SQL type queries to get data? Build in a mechanism to convert simple SQL queries into corresponding FHIR API calls and retrieve the requested data. Store these queries for easy re-use. Initially, handle SELECT and WHERE clauses.

~ May/June, 2022

Advanced SQL
Expand on previous work to query APIs using more advanced SQL than simple SELECT statements. Include the ability to use JOINS, to request specific data elements from Resources, and to perform calculations or manipulations on the returned data before displaying it.

~ June/July, 2022


Version 0.1 of Vanya Client was released on April 1st, 2022. This version is available for use free of charge.

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2022 we’ll be working on adding fuller functionality to the app as outlined in the Roadmap above.

Once we’ve reached the stage where we’re retrieving and displaying data for all FHIR Resource types, we’ll be releasing a full commercial Version 1.

At this point full pricing details and purchase options will be available. Please sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed of progress as it happens, and when you can purchase a license.


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