View your FHIR Data with Vanya

A new tool for developers working with FHIR

Are you a software developer working with FHIR APIs?

Are you finding it time consuming to run API calls in Postman to see your data every time you make a code change?

Vanya is a new app for quickly showing you the data in a FHIR server.

~ View recently updated resources with a single click.
~ No more API calls in Postman.
~ No more parsing 1,000s of lines of JSON.
~ No more struggling to make Postman look good in a sprint demo.
~ Show the data in a way all stakeholders will understand!

A tool for developers building apps with FHIR.

Vanya FHIR viewer

What Does Vanya Look Like?

Server Page


Vanya Labs
4 Ramleh Hall
Dublin 6


The current version of Vanya was released on 21st February 2024. This version is available for use free of charge.

Throughout 2024 we’ll be working on adding fuller functionality to the app. At some point there will be a commercial version of Vanya. There are no details on when that will be.

Please sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed of progress as it happens, and when you can purchase a license.