Connect Vanya to any FHIR Server

Integrate and connect with the FHIR servers listed below

Add Your Server


Click on the “Add New Server” button on Vanya’s home page

Add new server


Add a Name for the server and the server URL in the pop up dialog

Vanya only works with FHIR version R4, so you’ll find this pre-selected. Other versions will come later.

Server settings

If the server requires request headers, add the Key/Value pairs on the second tab

Request headers may contain values such as API keys or other identifiers.

Request headers

If OAuth2 Authentication is required, fill out the details on the final tab

Where a token endpoint is specified, Vanya makes a call to get a bearer token and uses it until it expires. The Extra Parameters section allows Key/Value pairs ot be entered if required. An example of where this is used is for Azure FHIR servers where a ‘resource’ URL is needed.

OAuth 2 details

Save and connect

Save the changes to exit the dialog, then click Connect next to your new server. If a failure message appears, go back and look at all the values you’ve entered, and refer back to your FHIR server configuration settings to ensure everything is correct.